• I worked for Risingcities from 01/2012 - 10/2012.

    Rising Cities is a much more "Core" approach to a citybuilder than Ramacity. It's more like SimCity or Anno, the target audience is more mature and so is the graphical style of the game. I worked as a general 3D Artist for this project and were also responsible for planning, scheduling and approving the assets.

    The Team consited of about 20 employees and we were 4 3D artists at the 3D Art department.

  • Between August 2010 and December 2011 I worked at Bigpoint GmbH in Hamburg as a 3D artist for browsergames. I worked mainly on a game called "Ramacity", Ramacity 2 and Risingcities but I also helped out at 2 more titles called "Lunorama" (canceled) and "Ponyrama" (currently offline).

    For Ramacity/Ramacity 2 I created buildings, characters (called "Urbies"), animations and I also help to develop the general style of the
    game. We were 3 3D artists working at this game.

    Here you can see just a very small selection of assets I've made.

  • Highlevel ingame screenshot of Ramacity Quest character  Professor Paradox Quest character Manfred Money Quest character Heinz Heilung

    Ramacity Buildings Lineup

    Please visit http://www.ramacity.de and take a closer look.

  • Between January and August 2010 i worked as a trainee (3D Artist) at "The Games Company" in Berlin on a title called Demonicon. Demonicon is based on the German RPG IP "The Dark Eye" and will be released in 2013. The Company is now known as Kalypso.

    The Dark Eye (TDE, German: Das Schwarze Auge (DSA)), is a German (Pen & Paper) role-playing game. It has become the most successful on the German market, leaving all contenders behind in terms of sales (even Dungeons & Dragons). The many years of editorial work on the game have led to an extremely detailed and extensively described game world. The game is set in the fantasy realm of Aventuria. http://www.demonicon.de/EN/

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  • Corporate Conflict Mars [CCM]

    is a Games Academy students project. 10 students developed this sci-fi 3rd person tactical shooter over 3 semesters. We first used the Wii mote controls and a motion tracking technology based of Jonny Lee's YouTube movies. We used this to evade incoming plasma bullets in realtime.
    But we decided to change to the classic controlers - mouse and keyboard - to support our tactical gameplay.
    The Team consisted of 2 producers, 3 programers, 4 artists and 1 game designer and a few external freelancers like sounddesigners . CCM was our final project, and was finished in August 2009.
    At this project I was responsible for the creation of 3D models, textures, animations, rigs and particle effecs. I also exported them into the Trinigy Vision engine.

    The Making Games magazine (edition 03/2009) released a making of article about CCM, below you can find it with some additional ingame screenshots. Pleas visit our official website for more information.

    You also can read about the game at http://www.gamesload.de/award/. We won the Gamesload Newcomer Award at the "German Game Developer Award 2009" with CCM. We are very proud and honored that we have been awarded with this prize.

    Website: http://www.ccm-game.de
    Read the Making Games article here

  • CCM Moodpicture, overpainted inGame screenshot 3D ingame interface fighting drones battlefield screenshot

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  • A.S.T.E.R.O.I.D.

    was my 1st video game project. We had to adept the core gameplay from the old arcade game Asteroids for a new game. We made a spacestation instead of the ship and pinned it in the middle of our top-down rink. You have to buy different weapon systems to destroy the 4 different types of asteroids.
    My team - Dark Frog - constisted of 2 artists, 1 programer, 1 producer. We had 3 month time to finish this funny game.
    My task here was the lead artist and every graphical asset instead of our 3D models and textures.

    Visit our official website

    Website: http://asteroid.sicaine.net



  • screenshot1 screenshot 2 - laser weapon online highscore upgrateable weapons